• NE Flashlights and Everyday Carry (EDC) Torches
  • There are many flashlights make your choice even easier whether you need an everyday carry or a torch for a specific use, such as Police work, personal protection or, hunting or airsoft. We have tested and familiarised ourselves with each flashlight so if you have any questions, please contact us.
NE 04040 DE
NE 08044 BK
NE 04047 DE
NE 04040-BK
  • NE 04040-BK
  • Suitable for ELEMENE and NE series laser indicators and tactical flashlight

    Dual devices control ,operation simpler

    General “M1913 Picatinny,DEYMOD and M-LOK” three kinds of systems fixed



NE 08034-BK
NE 08029-DE
NE 08029-BK
NE 04044-BK
NE 04042-BK
NE 04041-BK
NE 04030-BK
NE 04023-BK
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